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Absurd: Eternal Winter Lyrics

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Artist: Absurd
Song title: Eternal Winter

While the sun is shining - I decay
You will die by my teeth, for I am your reaper
In eternal night, in eternal winter

Chorus: Suffer and die, I'm the return of your death
You thought you could escape
Eternal winter freezes your breath!

Demons...calling your name
They want to tear your soul away
Into your eyes I stab a splinter
See the eternal night, the eternal winter

In Siberia I live on my own
In a hut which is built of your bones
In search of my wife, where can I find her
In eternal night, in eternal winter

You wear guilt of her death
Jesus Christ - that's one reason why I hate you
Fall from grace - my son will kill your father
In eternal night, in eternal winter

Chorus: Eternal Winter!

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