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Anal Cunt Lyrics

Al Stankus Is Always On The Phone With His Bookie All Our Fans Are Gay Art Fag
Because You're Old Being Ignorant Is Awesome Body
Branscombe Richmond Chris Barnes Is A Pussy Deadbeat Dads Are Cool
Dictators Are Cool Domestic Violence Is Really Really Really Funny Easy E. Got A.i.d.s. From F. Mercury
Everyone In Allston Should Be Killed Extreme Noise Terror Is Afraid Of Us Furnace
Gloves Of Metal Greed Is Something That We Don't Need Ha, Ha Your Wife Left You
Hebosaurus Hitler Was A Sensitive Man Hootie And The Blowfish
I Ate Your Horse I Became A Counselor So I Could Tell Rape Victims I Convinced You To Beat Your Wife On A Daily Basis
I Couldn't Afford To Buy You A Present I Fucked Your Wife I Gave Nambla Pictures Of You Kid
I Got An Office Job For The Sole Purpose Of Sexual I Intentionally Ran Over Your Dog I Like Drugs And Child Abuse
I Lit Your Baby On Fire I Made Fun Of You Because Your Kid Just Died I Made You're Kid Get Aids, So You Could Watch It
I Paid J. Howell To Rape You I Pushed Your Wife In Front Of The Subway I Respect Your Feelings As A Woman And A Human
I Sent A Thankyou Card To The Guy That Raped You I Sent Concentration Camp Footage To Americas Funn I Snuck A Retard In To A Sperm Bank
I Sold Your Dog To A Chinese Restaurant I Wanna Grow Old With You I'd Love To Have Your Daughter's Hand In Marriage
I'm Not That Kind Of Boy I'm Really Excited About The Upcoming David Buskin If You Don't Like The Village People, You're Fucki
In My Heart There's A Star Named After You Internet Is Gay Into The Oven
Jack Kevorkian Is Cool Just The Two Of Us Kill Women
Laughing When Leonard Peltier Gets Raped In Jail Limp Bizkit Think They're Black, But They're Just Locking Drop Dead In Mcdonalds
My Woman, My Lover, My Friend Obviously Adopted Picnic Of Love
Pottery's Gay Rancid Sucks Recycling Is Gay
Reni Auberjonois Rich Goyette Is Gay Saving Ourselves For Marriage
Shut Up Mike, Pt.2 Sweatshops Are Cool Technology's Gay
The Only Reason Men Talk To You Is Because They Wa The Word Homophobic Is Gay Valujet
Van Full Of Retards Walker, Texas Corpse Waterfall Wishes
Woman, Nature's Punching Bag You You Are A Good Food Critic
You Are An Interior Decorator You Are An Orphan You Can't Shut Up
You Converted To Judaism So A Guy Would Touch Your You Drive An Iroc You Fucking Towelhead
You Go To Art School You Got Date Raped You Have Goals
You Keep A Diary You Live In A Houseboat You Look Adopted
You Own A Store You Play On A Softball Team You Robbed A Sperm Bank Because You're A Cum Guzzl
You Rollerblading Faggot You Sell Cologne You Were Too Ugly To Rape, So I Just Beat The Shit
You're A Cop You're Best Friend Is You You're Gay
You're In A Coma You're Pregnant, So I Kicked You In The Stomach You've Got Cancer
You've Got No Friends Your Band's In The Cut-out Bin Your Kid Committed Suicide Because You Suck
Your Kid Is Deformed
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