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Ancient: Vampirize Natasha Lyrics

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Artist: Ancient
Song title: Vampirize Natasha

Look at you, fastened by sheltering blanket.
Did you think I'd forget how sweet you taste,
nay my umbrageous heart still yearns for you,
and still to peruse your love is such a waste.

You lie there a vision of immaculate purity,
yet your eyes reveal the insatiable whore
and now I'll love sucking your vitality
with you, my pretty. I just want more.

First, I'll tear asunder thy mortal garments,
unmasking your pale delicate flesh,
then, I shall ravage your lovebroken body.
Sinking my teeth upon your tender breast.

Violently, I'll fuck your pernicious cunt,
while consuming the precious life-force,
thoroughly enjoying the sweet flavor.
I'll vampirize you, Natasha, with no remorse.

Until you shrivel into your casket,
I shall continue to vampirize Natasha
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