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Arrogant Worms Lyrics

Big Fat Road Manager Canada's Really Big Carrot Juice Is Murder
Christmas Blues Christmas Hangover Christmas In Ignace
Christmas Is Almost Here Christmas Sucks Christmas Turkey Blues
Christmastime Cows With Guns Dad Threw Up On Christmas Day
Dangerous Dog Food Woman Don't Go Into Politics
Goin' Huntin' Having Fun Is Bad For You History Is Made By Stupid People
Horizon I Want To Look Like Arnold Jesus' Brother Bob
Kill The Dog Next Door Killer Robots From Venus Let There Be Guns
Let's Go Bowling Lonely Lab Of Broken Hearts Losing Hair Under God
Malcolm Me Like Hockey My Voice Is Changing
Proud To Be A Banker Proud To Be Canadian Rippy The Gator
Santa Got Arrested Santa's Coming And He's Gonna Kick Your Ass Stalker Girl
The Canadian Crisis Song The Credit Song The Fishing Song
The Happy Happy Birthday Song The Last Sensitive Cowboy The Mountie Song
The Same Christmas Cake Things Are Looking Bad For Santa Tokyo Love Song
Vincent The Christmas Virus William Shakespeare's In My Cat
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