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Barathrum Lyrics

Angelburner Battlecry Beltane
Black Death Black Flames And Blood Black Goat
Bleeding Sky Boundless Arts Bride Of Lucifer
Countess Erszebeth Nadasdy Dagger, Seal, Vengeance Dark Sorceress
Dark Sorceress 2 Dark Sorceress 2 (winter Siege) Death Is Saviour
Deep From The Depths Deliver A Battle Demon Est Deus Inversus
Devilish Sign Ethereal Guest Fatal Bite
Gate To Jetblack Desires Gloomy Fallen Angel Hailstorm Trilogy
Halfheart Helluva Agitator Highest Beast
Hills Of The Nurn I Am Very Possessed Immortal Warrior
In Darkness I Fly Justice Of The Shining Steel Land Of Tears
Last Day In Heaven Leaving The World Of Mortals Legions Of Perkele
Lord Of South And Fire Lusifer Magic In Atmosphere
Marks On My Skin Melancholy, Infinity, Agony Moon Calls
Necromantical Ritual Nocturnal Dance Pure Flame Crown
Ravens Regent Of Damnation Revenge By Magick
Saatana Sacrilegium Salubele
Sinister Autumn Soaring Up From Hell Spears Of Sodom
The Blasphemer The Darkness Has Landed The Force Of Evil
The Night Of The Demon Lord The Twilight Vampire
Victory Feast Virgin Blood Spiller Wanderer In The Night
Warmetal Whores Of Hades Winter Of The Black Snow
Witchmaster Would You Sleep With The Demon
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