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Bone Thugs N Harmony: Body Rott Lyrics

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Artist: Bone Thugs N Harmony
Song title: Body Rott

I say the war shouldn't stop

Until these playa-hatin niggas body rott (body rott)

Nigga the war shouldn't stop

Until these motherfuckin cops body rott (body rott)


We paper chasers, smokin blunts

You'll never find a thuggish bunch of niggas like us (like us)

Don't be so quick to test us

I'll be annoyed and might bust

I'ma have to talk to Eazy through the Ouija

So I can see

If maybe he can tell me

Why you're hatin on me, bitin on me

Why you want me

To show a nigga Leather Face, and he

Don't fuck around nigga

He's a real buck 'em down nigga

Motherfuck rappin', how 'bout fuckin wit me now nigga

Nigga get ya checks from ya broads, get high

Then your broads sneak ya keys from ya niggas and ride

Everybody wanna party, even the niggas with a problem

Made-nigga, we done solve 'em

Cause, bitch we'll sqaush 'em

Don't know me, fuck you when you got beef

But you also got to clone styles, and no motif

See me rappin' on yo TV actin

And it's a fact that when you see us in person

Think we gon flex, or show you no action

Down for mine, got to show a nigga time to time

So I figure I'll slow down the rhyme

So they can understand I'm filled with so much anger and pain

And if I drop, then I'll explode like a fuckin grenade nigga

Fuck calm, time to ring the alarm

Breakin' niggas out of prison killin all the guards (Woo!)

Power to the people, givin people the power

To put it down in your city

And fuck them hillbillies

Nigga, I can't stand no

Motherfuckin po-po

When will we start killin these bitches and takin no mo'?

Yeah, Mo Thug, the only clique that I claim

Although we all beyond the bangin

You can say I roll wit-a-gang

And dissin chin checkers in the making

So nigga continue with the rotatation (rotation, rotation, rotation)



I heard. I murdered.

I heard. I murdered. I heard (heard)

Yeah nigga, we holler about all of the murders

Look what they did to Tyrone

Flippin the flow and let it burn

Without pistols, the police ain't strong

Finna bomb, bitch, you fuckin wit all the black gat peeps

And in the 1999 when ya meet up in the end

Be it be no peace for the police

The (Biz!) here to rip the (streets!)

And get 'em all (pissed!)

Get ??

We dont take (defeat!)

Me steppin (retreat!)

You can lose yo arms, better use yo feet

Jus pick up my cannon, nigga, yeah yeah

Hear the pump, it erupt

We're corrupt as the four, down to buck

Come and get fucked up

And get up outta the county, nigga get rowdy

(duck into battle)

Disappear-pear, in a ally

Reappear-pear, off in Cali

Can you feel me, daddy?

Proudly handle stuff like a man

And went through shit in Cleveland

With the band

Now look at me platinum

Fuck the rap, and corner bitch made hation nation

Nowadays an occupation

So why you hate me? Still can't fade me away

Go on, be gone

The point of view was made with the song

And while they pop, I'm ready to bomb (bomb bomb bomb)



How do you see me when you see me?

Drinkin' on Hennesy and Remy

Look into my eyes, my shit is dreamy

Beggin to Scotty, "Won't you beam me up?"

I buck, 12 gauge erupt, disrupt your order, infantry

Ya'll better expect annihalation fuckin' around with the SCT

And I better be a souljah organizer, but they're lovin just us

Army see, full of harmony, and nigga 'In Thugs We Trust'

So nigga I bust, so back up off me

Givin' no mercy, shit is critical

Killin' you individual with a Ouija type ritual

I'm diggin a ditch for all you po-po who felt you could come & raid me

Ain't no way to be safe

Nigga, this the army brigade

So listen up and hear what's spoken

As I start this locomotion

Retaliate because we chosen

Open showin the Lord his devotion



Now when you're fuckin' with me

Make sure you know what you're doin

Got niggas knowin, rollin with me

Infra red to yo head, don't beg, you dead, we fled

Gotta get away

Gotta make sure I'm free so when you need me I can buck another day

It's a Bone thing, better ride ride

Cause when you fuckin wit

You gon' die die

Don't be surprised, Bone want yo presidents, wanna run it all

Run all of it (all of it)

Fuck that dog, fuck that dog

Cause niggas is superstitious

Nigga don't pull no gun if you ain't gon spit

Click clack clack be the sound

These police and haters is wrong, oh

We buckin em down

Trust in me, in harmony, I try peace

Eternally bless my soul, Lord

And everybody that rides with me:

It's from me to you.

It's from me to you (me to you)

It's just my point of view

It's just our point of view (point of view, point of view)

Yeah, and that's why I stay high

So high, so high like ladi-da-da-da

Ladi-da-da-da, so high, so high


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