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Boy Sets Fire Lyrics

(Compasion) As Skull Fragments On The Wall 65 Factory Outlets Across Five Years
After The Eulogy Another Badge Of Courage Bathory's Sainthood
Bonus Track Cadence Cavity
Channel Chapter 1 Vehicle Chapter 2 In The One Can Hear You
Chapter 5 My Own Restrains Chapter 6 Resection Chapters 3 Endorsement
Chapters 4 Blame (Live At Eleven) Cringe Curtain Call
Fine Art Of Falling Handful Of Redemption Holiday In Cambodia
Hometown Report Card In Hope Loser Of The Year Award
My Life In The Knife Trade Our Time Honored Tradition Of Cannabalism Pariah Under Glass
Prologue Pure Release The Dogs
Rookie Still Waiting For The Punchline Swingset
The Abominations Of Those Virtuous The Force Majeure The Power Remains The Same
The Tyranny Of What Everyone Knows Timothy Toy Gun Anthem
Twelve Step Hammer Program Unspoken Request Voiceover
When Rhetoric Dies
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