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Chi-ali: Funky Lemonade (Remix) Lyrics

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Artist: Chi-ali
Song title: Funky Lemonade (Remix)

Aw yeah, it's the Fabulous Chi-Ali coming at ya with something new
You know what I'm saying? We call this one "Funky Lemonade"

"Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is" -> Guru (Scratched 2x)

Get a taste of the lemon, lime a, rhymer, I'm the mack
A frack a lack, ripping tracks like a tractor
Rap reactor with more than a bionic
Man, I'm blowing up as if I was atomic
No gold on my caps when I rap or when I'm struttin
Cause you know, and I know, ain't no future in fronting
Or fakin when you're funking, flunkie you're flunking
Ring the alarm because you're bum like Jim Plunkett
I get top buck, buck, chill, I'm greater
I drop more flavor than the sun shines on the equator
And I squeeze, the lemon on this water flowing verse
So run and get your cup, cause I know you thirst

"Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is" -> Guru (Scratched 2x)

Real fat, Beatnuts in the house

I go splish, splash, I'm swimming
A lemon to a lime and I rhyme for the women
I blow like Hugo Boss, I'm frosty
My name's Chi-Ali, not Kriss, don't Kross me
Over, yes my head with airplay
No, cause if it ain't rough it ain't right, ask Cato
And the S to the H with A
Peace be on to the brothers in the O
Peachy is fat, run and tell your neighbor
I even got a taste test so you can taste the flavor
So get a zip, get a sip, get a guzzle
Simple, no fuzzle, props or a muzzle
And swallow Chi and follow, rocking the Apollo
Freaks follow D Demo back to the limo
So honey let me inject you with some liquid soul and
Oh um ooops sorry, real ho
Now money check your bunny cause honey be undressing me
With her eyes and I advise don't be stressing me
Stress I get enough, ain't that the truth
And some time to get ???
You need proof, get Brandy
I'm no Yankee but when I doodle hot dammit it's a dandy
A real Bronx Bomber
I run with the Legion and we blast with the Big Timer
No comma, or period, or exclamation point
My lemonade it's the joint, check it

"Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is" -> Guru (Scratched 4x)

Get a taste, get a taste, get a taste of the lemon (Repeat 4x)

Abracadabra, I flow like Niagra
Falls, I take none, you diss me, you got balls
But I got a ball for all of that, what are ya, dense?
Holy cow, another sucker clears the fence
Like Atilla, hon, it gets no iller
You're jocking, I'm locking shit up like Barney Miller
I got big bank, G, like hanky got panky
Pull dollar from Alfalfa, then spank Spanky
But don't thank me, that's the way I make a living, G
Because the pop life is not for me
So color me tic toc, I'm bad, I toc tic
Color me pig, pass the mic and I'll rock
Shiftiest, I'm about to mert squirt mert
Get over like a rat cause I'm fat like Levert
So when you're just coolin or foolin in the shade
Don't forget that FUNKY lemonade

"Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is" -> Guru (Scratched 4x)
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