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Cocteau Twins Lyrics

50-50 Clown A Kissed Out Red Floatboat Aloysius
Amelia Another Day Beatrix
Blind Dumb Deaf Blood Bitch Blue Bell Knoll
Bluebeard But I'm Not Calfskin Smack
Carolyn's Fingers Cherry-coloured Funk Cicely
Cico Buff Dear Heart Ella Megalast Burls Forever
Eperdu Essence Five Ten Fiftyfold
For Phoebe Still Baby Fotzepolitic Foxes In Midsummer Fires
Garlands Glass Candle Grenades Grail Overfloweth
Half-gifts Hazel Hearsay Please
Heaven Or Las Vegas I Wear Your Ring Iceblink Luck
In Our Angelhood In The Gold Dust Rush Ivo
Know Who You Are At Every Age Lazy Calm Lorelei
Multifoiled Musette And Drums My Love Paramour
My Truth Oil Of Angels Oomingmak
Otterley Pandora Perhaps Some Other Aeon
Persephone Pitch The Baby Pur
Rilkean Heart Road, River And Rail Seekers Who Are
Serpentskirt Shallow Then Halo Speak No Evil
Spooning Good Singing Gum Squeez-wax Suckling The Mender
Sugar Hiccup Summerhead The Hollow Men
The Itchy Glowbo Blow The Tinderbox Theft, And Wandering Around Lost
Tishbite Treasure Hiding Ups
Violaine Wax And Wane When Mama Was Moth
Wolf In The Breast
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