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Culture Beat: You Belong Lyrics

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Artist: Culture Beat
Song title: You Belong

Text: Kim Sanders
Music: Peter Gräber, Nino Tielman, Kim Sanders
I'll take the high road if you ask too
of buy a pretty house with a naked view
of the lakeside where we're all alone
where we can make a life of our very own
you'll be my lifetime hero
I'll be the girl of your dreams
I'll sew our lives at the seams
cause I know that
you belong right here next to me
you belong right here endlessly
I won't ever let you down
you won't shead a tear
cause you belong right here,
right here with me
I can serve you breakfast on the shore
you can kiss me there like you did before
so many lifetimes long ago
we rest assured cause we truly know
that you are my lifetime hero
and I am the girl of your dreams
and we'll sew our lives at the seams
cause I know that
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