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December Wolves: Porn Again Christian Lyrics

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Artist: December Wolves
Song title: Porn Again Christian

modern mannequin. I cannot resist to stick my tongue in this!
Once again, reminding me how bad she's been. The Dawn has
come...You may begin. Smear all your burden on this bed of
flesh I feel. My tools in hand, I slip inside Teutonic peel.
Porn again christian....Porn again christian!
New nail in uniform, I want the pliable face. Bludgeon the
Aquarian flow. Fingers fight from eiter side of the fleshified
"net in the knot".
Bodies churn and quiver in the most prominent.
Hands down below again, extract the inside...Pull from with
slender slime. I've cursed my pallet with the taste you cannot
Sticking so sublime, the estrogenic holy shrine.
I'll find new ways and, through hypnosis, enter the salty slum
where nails are driven from...Just open your mouth! Give me
Porn again christian...Porna again christian!
Born to fornicate. The consequence of creation. Live and die
by the Cunt!

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