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Entombed: Kick In The Head Lyrics

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Artist: Entombed
Song title: Kick In The Head

hell, it sticks up so hard
it hurts my spine
half bottle planked upon the bible
I curse the day I was born
notch some nice moments
I do whatever it takes
but when the words start to get around
I feel so torn
most of my teeth feel loose
I stare at the walls
get angry at myself for a while
life's a kick in the head
it's so easy to crack
I'm dying in my heart
I'm afraid I'll become a vegetable
counting minutes
watch the world go by
I've learned to keep my mouth shut
what you think is a smile
is a grimace of strain
look at myself in a smashed up mirror
I feel like shit!
life's a kick in the head
it's so easy to crack
I'm dying in my heart
I'm afraid I'll become a vegetable
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