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Flashlight Brown: Ready To Roll Lyrics

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Artist: Flashlight Brown
Song title: Ready To Roll

I got a 20 sider on call

I got the real world blinded

Midnight, torchlight down in the haunted cave.
Get some platinum the D.M. will turn the page.

Check out my thief he's got the black shield

Check out my sickly cave tan

Lawful, evil a moral catastrophe
Half-orc, full-dork; the myth and reality

We may not know any girls
But we got graph paper guiding our way
We got confusion, delusion
And all of Friday night to kill.

Pick up the phone the pizza's still late

Pick up from where your mule died

That was by far the best time that we ever had.
That was by far the best time that we ever had.

Get to the tavern have a few beers

Pick up an Elvin bar whore

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