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George Jones: Bury It With Johnny Lyrics

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Artist: George Jones
Song title: Bury It With Johnny

Johnny went off to fight the war.
They had no idea what lied in store.
Off to fight from some unknown shore.
To help his country settle the score.

Elizabeth was left behind.
The only true love he'd ever find.
She said I'll wait right here for you.
I'll stay loyal and see you through.

Elizabeth was good with a pen.
She would write Johnny every
now and again.
But Johnny could never capture
the words.
To tell her how much she meant
to him.

She walked down to the post office today.
Her stomach quivering with so much to say.
Hello Johnny, I write with good news.
Johnny, we have a baby on the way.

The letter should be reaching Johnny soon.
We believe the clock read five past noon.
Well dressed men came to the door.
Elizabeth fell crying and landed on the floor.

The sun today will never rise.
People gathered today to cry
their eyes.
The folded flag was presented by the
Elizabeth addressed the men
and rose again.

She said.

This flag may represent freedom,
It maybe its a symbol of this war.
You can bury it with Johnny,
because to us he was fighting
for so much more.

Two weeks went by, they
felt like years.
Many Kleenex tossed away they
were all drenched in tears.
The mailman came and knocked
on the door.
He said, "Hello sweety, there is just
one more."

He didn't stop loving her that day.
Johnny finally found the pen.
He told her all he had to say.
He told Elizabeth, "I can't wait to
meet our baby and see your
beautiful face again."
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