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Kamelot Lyrics

A Sailorman's Hymn Across The Highlands Alexandria
Birth Of A Hero Black Tower Call Of The Sea
Crossing Two Rivers Desert Reign Nights Of Arabia Don't You Cry
Elizabeth I. Mirror Mirror Elizabeth Ii. Requiem For The Innocent Elizabeth Iii. Fall From Grace
Eternity Expedition Fire Within
Forever Glory Heaven
Intro Until Kingdom Come Irea Karma
King's Eyes Lunar Sanctum Millennium
Nights Of Arabia Once A Dream One Day
One Day I'll Win One Of The Hunted Parting Visions
Proud Nomad Providence Red Sands
Rhydin Rise Again Shadow Of Uther
Silent Goddess Sin Song Of Roland
Temples Of Gold The Fourth Legacy The Gleeman
The Inquisitor The Light I Shine On You The Shadow Of Uther
The Spell Troubled Mind Until Kingdom Come
Warbird We Are Not Seperate What About Me
Where I Reign Wings Of Despair
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