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Kansas: Opus Insert Lyrics

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Artist: Kansas
Song title: Opus Insert

Opus Insert:

There's a reason for all their crimes.
It's a fact of the way of the times.
Proving emotions.
It's high and it's low,
No matter where you go.

There is something for all who love.
There's a story in every book.
All of the pages.
Between all of the lines,
There's so much you can find.

But there's too many empty lives, my friend
And we can't just let them waste away.
For this life is just a precious thing, my friend
And we can't wait another day.

There is a message in every word
And it's all in the word you heard.
Moving emotions.
It comes like the sea
Washing all over me.

But there's nothing we can do, my friend
But the spirit is with us all.
Oh it's here and it's now
It's up and it's down
You can feel it surrounding us all.

After all it's all the same.
Only difference is the name
And where we are
In this crazy mixed up deal
There's so many things to feel
Here and now.
It's where you are.

Every xxx
Oh the life in Enola Gay(???)
There for the asking.
It's for all of you,
If you would take it too.

But there's too many empty lives, my friend
And we just can't let them waste away.
For this life is a precious thing, my friend
And we can't wait another day.
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