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Kreator: Karmic Wheel Lyrics

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Artist: Kreator
Song title: Karmic Wheel

Shelter me for I am locked in a world
That lost the will to be free
Dying age a chronicle of forgotten peace
Replaced by hate
Rescue me for all I can do is try
To escape this reality
Trip away color the night until the
Sun awakes another day
The karmic wheel is turning
Faster than before
Cover me with lifesblood essence
Leading me to a cosmic desire
Sent from God the spark of an earthly
Existence leaves new ornaments
Burn my psyche lead it to the
Crystal stake and set it on fire
Here to stay before it could begin
You lead it to the end
The karmic wheel is turning
Faster than before
Till the end of time, till the end of life
The wheel is turning as we die
(Keep turning)
Come with me, to where all greed
Ends honesty is all that matters
Far from here, awareness far beyond
Industrial intellect
Lay on me for the ones who felt
The same way won't forget us
All I lose concrete slavery
Liberty so imperfect
The karmic wheel is turning
Faster than before
Till the end of time, till the end of life
The wheel is turning as we die
(Keep turning)
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