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Lesley Hamilton: Capri Lyrics

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Capri lyrics
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Artist: Lesley Hamilton
Song title: Capri

Can't believe you're leaving me

I can't believe we're through
even though it's plain to see
that you've found someone new.

Southern nights are bright no more

no more stars above;
waves roll down the island shore
while I am dreaming of...

the night and you
when we were still together...
Who's gonna hold me tight
the way you used to do ?

the night and you -
but you are gone forever...
new love will warm the night
but I'll be missing you.

Sometimes you'll remember me

a girl you left behind

love we shared so tenderly
still living in your mind.

This will be your turn
my love

to feel that we're apart
when you share the burning of
those memories in my heart...

the night and you

I know that I will find
peace of mind
a few days from now
and a new romance to see me through
whenever I feel blue.

I know the sun will shine
down the line

I'll make it somehow;
But there's no romance to see me through
those memories of you...

the night and you
can only be a desperado.

The devil sent you to Lora{
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