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Living Death: It's Your Last Birthday Lyrics

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Artist: Living Death
Song title: It's Your Last Birthday

A bunch of school friends entered his home
Mummy still laughed as they started to celebrate
And then she left'em alone

In the middle of the mountain of presents they gave to him
Stood a nice fancy care
With sweet sugar towers, and funny coloured flowers
Their eye's reveal expectation

And he did the first cut he never thought about blood
There was an innocent smile in his face turned to white
Have his eyes told him lies, his face turned to white
'bout little sparky's head in the cake

C'mon cut the cake - greetings to your
Birthday - birthday its your last
Your dead dog's eye's watchin' you
Birthday - birthday its your last

The years went by and he grew to a man
And everything seemed to be alright
But nightmares torture him every night
'cause sparky's dead pushed so hard in his brain

He could'nt control his pain and longer
So he baked himself a big cake
With poisoned content, no will to live any longer
'cause he's dead since his seventh birthday

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