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Living Death: The Sacred Chao Lyrics

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Artist: Living Death
Song title: The Sacred Chao

Buereaucracy and aftermath, spirit advisor
The sphere of chaos, grand illuminatus
The sphere of discord, keeper of the sacred chao

They're workin' together for the magic pentagon
Confusion the first, buereaucracy the secound
Aftermath number three, chaos and discord

They're workin' together for the magic pentagon
Helper and accoplice for the end of the world
Noone of the puppets knows what it's done
The end is comin' slow, and noone feels the hurt

The sacred chao

For searching the rear-rank men, you'ill pay with your life
And if you find one, there are ten new of 'em behind
You find a track, but it goes lost in darkness
You think you're workin' alone, and you fall in helpless

The sphere's of confusion
Buereaucracy and aftermath
Chaos and discord
The end of the world

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