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Living Death: The Testament Of Mr. George Lyrics

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Artist: Living Death
Song title: The Testament Of Mr. George

The testament opening is starting soon, 'cause George is dead forever
Everyone wants the price for himself, the views of 'em show all
And if someone is handicapped, the others have to fall

Family war, mr.Gearge cheats'em all
Who's the one only getting money if the others die

The notary starts to read out the holy testament
Everyone's ear's are growing big, every now and then
Thirteen meritables are enumerated, only one is left
Jhonathan begins to know, that he's unnecessary

A few day's later he starts a diner and everyone of'em comes
To show'em that he's not angry, he knows what he does
He poisons the wine, for him it's a game
He only wants his right, til the end of this night

They celebrate and drink the wine
And when they're all fallen down Jhonathan's laughing loud
Now the revenge is coming to an end, and Jhonathan
Begins to build up a wall in the door
Then he opens a bottle of wine in the hall
And cheers up to mr.George

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