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Living Death: Tuesday Lyrics

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Artist: Living Death
Song title: Tuesday

And I jump up the stairs cause I wanna tell her
That monday we may start another waterbed rally
Saly laughs and what she says to me ain't a lie:

Ref I - ride me till I cry
Push the pen, push the pen as high as you really ean
Dive into my funny side...

She opened her lips and the hot sweet taste
Makes me forget about the energy I waste
Feelin' better now, 'cause I know the way how to
Help her find the highest point and she screams loud...
Ref I - ride... ... my funny side, but
Ref II - what you gonna do on tuesday?
I relax my brain, before I do insane...
She was so, she was so, she was fine
Get ready for doing it everyday
Not everyday, its not my way
You will try, you will try, yeah I'll try

Day after day, the silly old game
But Sally wants move, it's always the same
"Sixty - nine, real fine, she got hers and I got mine
Right, boy make me shine "oh, it's better now for me to die..."

The time iright od, to take it to an end, okay?
If Sally is sleepin' tight, I change her with a rubber maid
No more horror bedroom fights, rubber-maids tell no tales
I touch her sweet rubber skin, and slowly she starts to sing...

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