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Loon: Can't Talk To Her Lyrics

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Artist: Loon
Song title: Can't Talk To Her

[Intro - Loon - talking]

Ma I tried so many years

But it seems like, all I brought you is tears

I tried to eliminate, all of your fears

But its conflict

Yeah, check it out, uh, yo, aiyyo

[Verse 1 - Loon]

The game keep callin, niggaz in the streets is ballin

Try to creep, just to keep from fallin, but the block keep hollerin

Yellin my government name, I tried to stop but the love of the game

They got my girl in a frenzy, my niggaz used to be friendly

'Til they seen me and Puff in the Bentley

Now, forced to stay, forces use force and spray

Coffins lay, when I'm forced to play

Like a animal, dog if I put my hand on you, I'ma handle you

Like I'm "Hannibal," the motherfuckin cannibal

All plans is through, dreams and goals

The block hot but why this shit seem so cold

This shit seems so old, tryna redeem my soul

The Feds roll and my team done fold

Like a bad hand of poker, even ya man'll smoke ya

For these crushed up leaves of copa, now

[Chorus - Joe Hooker]

I, can't talk through to you

The way, I used to

You don't understand why I

Feel the way, that I do

[Verse 2 - Loon]

Yo, check it out

It's been four years and you ain't shed no tears

And through the course of that, I lost four pairs

That's why I smoke more blunts, drink more beers

You never consider it, like you just don't care

The pain I feel inside you just don't share

When I share my deepest thought, you just don't hear

Well aware of my fears of me losin my life

I'm well aware of my fears of me losin my wife

That's why I stay usin my gun and usin my knife

Gotta deal with this shit, 'til my music get right

I buy you pretty things just to see you wear it

You sayin I ain't shit, tryna break my spirit

I try to change my life but you just don't hear it

Guess I gotta find another girl to spend four years with

Damn, all that time got wasted, but I guess I gotta face it


[Verse 3 - Loon]

Uh, yo, uh, aiyyo

The cops don't like me, they always eager to fight me

Even though I know they wanna be like me, cause they see a nigga icy

Doin a buck in the white V, twizzy gettin busy with wifey

Gettin head on the highway, I'm gettin money the fly away

Pull me over just to fuck up my Friday, what could I say?

Nothin, still they be frontin

Throw a brick in the trunk and try to make up somethin

But I'm not with the bullshit, that's why I roll with a full clip

Flint cock the hammer and pull quick

Don't care about your uniform, or that bullshit you be on

Now who gon' really mourn when you be gone?

One in your head like a unicorn. you movin on, your favorite suit is on

Moms singing that stupid song, "my baby ain't blast nobody"

But he still got smoked at Bay Bay's party

That's why ..

[Chorus - 2X]

[long pause]

[Chorus - 2X]

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