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Luther Vandross: I Know Lyrics

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Artist: Luther Vandross
Song title: I Know

And I know it's just a rumor spreading in this town

And I know know know it's a thing I don't believe

Cuz you know I'd never let you down baby

This is love that you see on my face

And it's impossible to erase

Still it scares me when I hear what I hear

You see, everybody's talking and they whisper in my ear

[1] - But I know that you would never hurt me

I know you got a real good heart

Too bad they're talking for nothing

Trying for nothing

Cuz nothing's gonna stop our love

(Honey don't you see?)

I know about their jealousy

And I know about the talk that's growing in this town

And I know know know that they don't want to believe

That I'm not just a run-around baby

They say we will break up, just you wait

They gamble on the time and the date it will end

Not much longer, they swear

You see everybody's talking, I hear rumors everywhere

[Repeat 1]

I don't believe what they think of you and me

When they say that we're in trouble

Cuz they don't know what they're talking about

It's just too bad we've got what they've never had

So they just stay busy talking

"She don't love him, he don't love her!"

[Repeat 1]

I know that you would never hurt me

I know you got a real big heart

Too bad they're talking for nothing

Trying for nothing

Cuz nothing's gonna stop us

[Ad lib until fade]

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