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Marc Almond: You Have Lyrics

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Artist: Marc Almond
Song title: You Have

Oh you have the saddest eyes
That I have ever seen
Secret sorrows of a heart
That breaks so easily
Don't let me catch you crying
Don't let me catch you crying

Watching through the pane of glass
The final silent scenes
You became a fading face
In morning's half forgotten dream
Don't let me catch you crying
Just hear the sad breeze sighing

You have
You have

You have the first ice of winter
I have the first rain of summer
You have the sad signs of sorrow
I have to leave you tomorrow
Words on a torn piece of paper
Escape from the window forever
Memories don't seem to matter
When crushed under heel in the gutter

Oh you have the saddest eyes
That I have ever seen
Secret sorrows of a heart
That breaks so easily
Don't let me catch you crying
Just hear the sad breeze sighing

You have
You have

I wander out along the rain washed streets
Blinded with tears
And kicking cans
Wrecked and wild
With an ever-crushing loneliness
Feverish and tousled
With an ever-crushing love
I know I won't find any answers here
I know my pleading voice bounds back an echo
It ricochets back down the cavernous alley
Hey don't be a stranger
Sad how misguided and confused
We suffer inside
Stumbling from one shaky stepping stone
To another
Reaching out for a blind, blind love
Reaching out for a blind, blind love

Small we fall easy prey to self-pity
Wishing I was with you on the other side
Maybe tomorrow I'll join you in Paradise
Maybe tomorrow I'll join you in Paradise
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