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Mekong Delta: Shiva's Return Lyrics

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Artist: Mekong Delta
Song title: Shiva's Return

Brahma made it happen long ago - apemen came
Vishnu had created all we know - he explored
Chakravartin's turning the world's wheel - he found out
Shiva now is coming for the kill - he destroyed
Shiva's return
Population's growning day by day - time for war
Chemistry will make us all insane - dead is life
Industry's polluting what we breathe - grass's still green
Nuclear disasters bring disease - don't panic
Time goes by - It's a daily war
One more crime - Against life itself
Mother earth - Nature don't need men
Shiva's here - We can't survive without her
Brahma made it happen long ago - you don't need
Vishnu had created all we know - to have fear
Chakravartin's turning the world's wheel - for your soul
Shiva now is coming for the kill - but your health
Shiva's return
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