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Memphis Bleek: All About Me Lyrics

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Artist: Memphis Bleek
Song title: All About Me

Give a fuck what you say
I don't do it
I don't give a fuck what you say
Let's get these niggaz
I give a fuck what you say
You know how we do it man
I don't give a fuck what you say
It's 534
I give a fuck what you say, nigga
I give a fuck what you say, nigga,
Yo, Yo

[Verse 1:]
You know I'm comin through the ville
Grippin wheel
What the deal
So who slide off the heel
Tryin to get myself a mill
In my system, this is still
How I'm livin, just as trill
Nigga, E don't make a difference
Nigga, feel how you feel
Just another day
On my way to getting paid
Nigga, spray a hater, raid
I'm tryin to stay out they way
Wavin at the babes
On the corner like 'hey'
Stuntin' like it's nothin
The performer in me
Grab myself some grub
Get a hug
Give a pound
Give a peace
Get low
I aint tryin to stick around
Get a beat
Get a girl
Get my gamble on
Get 'em girls, give 'em hell
Keep it movin on out
Back at the house
At a light, BET
Fight night, night night,
Knock the homie out
Got the shorty gettin aggie
Lookin lonely on the couch

And I'ma still hug block,
Give a fuck what you say,
Pants saggin, du-raggin'
Give a fuck what you say,
Big chain, gettin change,
Give a fuck what you say,
Cause at the end of the day,
Yeah, it's all about me

Big trucks with them rims
Give a fuck what you say
Leavin' the club with like ten
I give a fuck what you say
A hundred grand on the benz
I give a fuck what you say
Cause at the end of the day,
Yeah, it's all about me

[Verse 2:]
Aint nothin changed
But the change
Not a lame, never been
You say fuck me, it's fuck you
Been the same ever since
If you love me, i love you
The game, i was lent,
From the O.G., H-O,
He aint never been
A liar, I concur
With every word that was said
For the family I give 'em
A hundred and ten percent
For the fony I give 'em
A hundred and ten of them
Nigga, nine, m and m
How I could send it through the wind
Back to the grind
Pay the haters nevermind
Being broke is in the past
I pray I never rewind
Fine wine dreams
Rockin' gators, lime green
Out in Vegas with my team
Breakin tables, na-mean?
Money on the wall,
Make the game go good
Have money on the ave
But the shit never last
Puff, puff, pass,
Nigga that's how we live
So keep the misery where you is,


[Verse 3:]
Nigga, 4, 3, 2, 1,
Blastoff, NASA,
We got a problem
This represents the struggle
The hustle, the bums,
The rats, the roaches,
Nigga that's where we from
Summertime cookout
Open up the johnny pumps
Baby, I don't care
If you just got your hair done
You still gettin wet
Young hustlers on the steps
Tryin to follow in the steps
Of the vets
From the jets
Young niggaz act hard
Ballin's in the back park
Me, I played the monkey bars
On girls, tried to mack hard
Back when cane was blastin from the car
Got a package of cane
Brought at you to the yard
And uuuuh ...

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