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Memphis Bleek: From My Hood To Your Hood Lyrics

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Artist: Memphis Bleek
Song title: From My Hood To Your Hood

[Memphis Bleek]

Yo I park where da crack at

Heads by packs at

Down in Philly

Where my niggas roll crabs at

Pack gats at

Run up in a label

Take a nigga ass cap

You ass cat

[Beani Siegel]

I'm dat kid

Dat'll catch a himmy and post bail

Get locked for another niggas body

Won't tell

Get head from a dime bitch

And won't nail

Bag a dime from a half a brick

Wit no scale

[Memph Man]

Yo you know where to find me

In da PH. lobby

Two first and Siegel

Niggas know not to try me

Post wit a shotty

Tims on how I be

All blacked out

Hoody on wit da crack out

[B Mac]

You can catch Mac in Marcy

4-5-6ing it

Orange Bo Jackons

New York Knicking it

Durag Nautica sweats

Slaughter da set

Dope spot rushin'

Set up shop on Flushing


From my hood to your hood

Yo I got you nigga

From block to your block

Yo I got you nigga

My bitch to your bitch

My hood to your hood

My block to your block

Aiyo I got you nigga


[Beanie Mac]

Tray snub in da club

Real high when I come through

Layin' blood in da club

You can die if you want to

I stay strapped

Slugged you out

That's how I ride in da jungle

Imagine Mac

"What a Thug About"

Live in da Tunnel

[Memph Bleek]

I roll up

Philly live

Pearl handle 4-5


Ginuwine drive

I ride or die

Me and Beanie got front doe

Puttin' in work

And I'm a Brooklyn nigga

Put da semi to work

[Beanie Siegel]

Yeah you know how we play

From PA to BK

Smash and scrape scrape

Stash and break cake

You can feel the steel

Get cut or bust down

Front on tech ball

Smith and Wessin like Buck Town

[Memphis Bleek]

I'm in da 7-6 Jers

Wit twist up herb

Nigga got nerve

Frost bit wit no furs


Straight to Philly no turns

Exit Ben Frankiln

To brake down da birds


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