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Memphis Bleek: I Wanna Love U Lyrics

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Artist: Memphis Bleek
Song title: I Wanna Love U

[Intro: Memphis Bleek talking]

Yeah, you know?

I know what you ladies want

I know what you need ya know?

Let's go

Come on

[Chorus: Donell Jones]

I want to love you

(P.Y.T.!) Pretty Young Thing

You need some loving

(T.L.C.!) Tender Loving Care

And I'll take you there

Girl, ooohhhhhh

I want to love you

[Verse 1 (w/ Donell Jones in background)]

Like you need to be loved

And I, hold you like you need to be hugged

And I'm, never letting you go 'cuz TRUST

You all I need in my life I ain't letting you go 'cuz I (love you)

And I'm letting it show for now ease your mind 'cuz in time we grow

Listen, if we right for one another we live

You wife unlike them other ones I've been with 'cuz I (I want to love you)

Anyway I can, show you it's not the scene everyday I can

I be that shoulder to lean, voice that you need

And I, give you things that one can only dream of

(Love you) from the bottom of my heart

I'm true, know what you need, I seen what you been through, what?

It's no stress, go 'head pack your stuff we on the trip just to show how much I

[Chorus: Donell Jones]

I want to love you

(P.Y.T.!) Pretty Young Thing

You need some loving

(T.L.C.!) Tender Loving Care

And I'll take you there

Girl, ooohhhhhh

I want to love you

[Verse 2 (w/ Donell Jones in background)]

Every minute every hour

Of any day any place that you desire

I show you how it feel just to tan in Brazil or

Smoke out while we chill in the grill 'cuz I (love you)

For the fact I'm grown, I'm 24 need something I could come home to

Something to hold on to, for the rest of my life

And I can show you what it's like to be in Trini for a night 'cuz (I want to love you)

It's been a long way here, from plan to hallway

To bring us all way here

To the sweets in L.A. or beach M-i-a or chill out pool

Shout out to crib where I lay 'cuz I (love you)

And everyday that pass we gotta live it to it's limit like we live in our last

And we been broke before

It's from the bottom to the top

Wit' this love I never felt before now why


[Bridge: Donell Jones]

Now I got a love that'll set you free

This is where you oughta be, yeah

Lady clap your hands with me, huh

It's Donell Jones and Memphis Bleek, yeah

So tell your friends you're going out

You know what this is about

So lady come and ride with me

[Chorus: 2x]

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