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Memphis Bleek: Memphis Bleek Is... Lyrics

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Artist: Memphis Bleek
Song title: Memphis Bleek Is...

Memph Bleek is... (murda)

Memph Bleek is...(drugs)

Memph Bleek is...(money)

Memph Bleek is...(money holda, shot caller, blunt smoka, hot roller)

Memph Bleek is... (murda)

Memph Bleek is...(drugs)

Memph Bleek is...(money)

Memph Bleek is...(money)

Memph Bleek is...(drugs)

Memph Bleek is...(money holda, shot caller, blunt smoka, hot roller)

[Memphis Bleek]

Memph Bleek where the hoez at

Be where the dough at

Treez, yo I blow dat

C's yo I hold that

Guns, yo I tote that

O's, sold that

Blow niggaz for stuntin, Fuck y'all frontin

The war you could get that

Spit till I sip that

Gunz, neva sit back

Money I'ma get that

Mind I don't play y'all

Bleek still the same y'all

Aim the rod then I blaze the squad

All the hoez roll the weed up

You know that it's G's up

Roll till you eat some

I flow for the threesomes

Chickens I dont need them

Snitches I'ma see them

Meet em with the gunz and heat em with the one's

If you feel that you die-proof, .45 proof

I'll find where they hide you, outline you

You niggaz know the name and my bitches know the game

I'm in it for life and want all y'all to say

It's life, Money... drugs... murder for life, what you think y'all


[Memphis Bleek]

Yo these streets, I control now

Creep on the low now

Empty and reload now

See me on the flow now

Drugs I could move quick

Thug on my new strip

Pump till I move bricks

Floss till I lose chips

? got it gemmed up

Accord got it rimmed up

Roll wit da dog On top is where you end up

Ride in a hot whip

Live in a hot crib

Spend what you got Memph

I'm about that hot shit

Bitches give me Brain Now

Bleek do his thang now

Eat em hoez the same now

Creep In the game now

Lay up wit the right bird

Me, I'm tryin to slice first

Tryin to flow suttin you go head and owe suttin

I'm high...roll suttin

You Die if you know suttin

And break me off wit some of the O's or suttin

The M-e-m-p-h man, Memph Bleek don't play

We all gotta eat Swizz Beats make Ñem say

Money Drugz Murda for Life what you think y'all huh


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