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Mindless Self Indulgence Lyrics

1989 2 Hookers And An 8 Ball Alienating Our Audience
Apple Country Backmask Bitches
Bite Your Rhymes Boomin' Bring The Pain
Brooklyn Hype (Part One) Bullshit Capitol P
Clarissa Cocaine And Toupees Daddy
Diabolical Dickface Dicks Are For My Friends
Ecnegludni Fles Sseldnim F Faggot
Futures Golden I Grab The Mic
Hail Satan Harry Truman Holy Shit
I Hate Jimmy Page I'm Your Problem Now J
Joke Keepin' Up With The Kids Kick The Bucket
Kill The Rock Last Gay Song Last Time I Tried To Rock Your World
Like Shit London Bridge M
Masturbates Mindless Self Indulgence Molly
Panty Shot Planet Of The Apes Played
Prom Pussy All Night Ready For Love
Revenge Rip Off Royally Fucked
Seven-Elven Shut Me Up Step Up, Ghetto Blaster
Straight To Video Stupid MF Thank God
Tight Tom Sawyer Tornado
Wack What Do They Know? Whipstickagostop
You'll Rebel To Anything (As Long As It's Not Chal You'll Rebel To Anything (As Long As It's Not Challenging)
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