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Murphy Lee: Don't Blow It Lyrics

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Artist: Murphy Lee
Song title: Don't Blow It


..Collect call originates

From a correctional facility in Missouri

And may be recorded or monitored..

[City Spud]

Yo nigga, this City

Answer the phone next time

You prolly gonna call right back but

Ight? One..

[Intro: Murphy Lee]

(Don't blow it)

City spud said whut up

And to give you this message..

(Don't blow it - [repeat 2X])

Ali said peace

And learn today's lesson..

(Don't blow it - [repeat 2X])

Kyjuan said them

New Jordans comin' out..

(Don't blow it - [repeat 2X])

And Nelly said there's

Gon be a party down south

[Hook: City Spud - repeat 4X]

For the nigga mention my name

I let him know the deal

City nigga, the same nigga

You thought was a lame nigga

[Verse 1: Murphy Lee]

Now Murphy Lee is really ready

Fully preparred and well done

I told you that I'd give you my all if I sell none

Expected to sell plenty

Lotta more than Kenny

Big as "Coming To Amerrica" since I came and sent it

They saw he got his own money

"That boy got his own money!"

So please don't try to take nuttin from me

I'm talkin' consequences, all my conses see quence

Will literaly take yo face off for the tiniest reason

I'm eas-un, eas-un on down down down down down

Makin' my rounds, I'm like a new Santa in town

Clown, calm down

I got issues like magazines

I'll leave you washed up, cut and cooked like Mama greens

You only cook erry once in a while like lima beans

Me, I'm therre all the time behind the scenes

Livin' my little dream (Uh-oh!)

Smokin' on Cali green (Uh-oh!)

Me, Mike Veen, federal in tinted limousines derrty..


[Verse 2: Murphy Lee]

Come on derrty be for real

I can let you know the deal like a salesman

I could get you out of these bars like a jail bail man

But nah, I'm a rapper I'ma put you in bars

Judge Murphy recommend then niggas put em in charge

You practice lookin' hard and you missin' preseason

So when it's gametime you on the side chearrleadin'

I'll have you breathing in and out like Ali

Hatas like Marley, he hot like tamales

I'm the same derrty

That came wit them boys in the Range derrty

And it's strange how we 16 mil in they change derrty

Exchange the Range for the six fo' that sit low

Hatas sick though, mad cuz they didn't like us from the get-go

I tip-toe through beats, complete style unique

16's in the hallway, probably take you a week

I critique my lifestyle, I change my game cuz of fame

It's a shame to see results in you mentioning in my name


[Verse 3: Murphy Lee]

Many many many many

Many mention Murphy Lee name like I'm a reference

I'ma make yo ass S.A.T. is you try to test me

I hang where the best be, never been on jet skis

Been to D.C. and LA like Tyrone Nesby

Though, most definitely I'm worldwide like Pepsi

And I take carre of my whole household like Jeffrey

So why you hatas wish to mention my name, mayn?

Can't understand I'm just doin' my thang

Yo I change for nay-nada nudda muddasucker

I'll sell music instead of drugs, fans instead of cluckers

Ya dig? I'm original like a black man wit a gig

And not eatin' pig is why I had to split ya wig

But they might, and he might

You know they watchin' the person who watchin' the person

Jockin' my Johnny Cochran you cornball

All of em stick like a corn dog

48 bars I'm on y'all, I warned y'all...


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