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Number Nine: The Easy Way Lyrics

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The Easy Way lyrics
Artist: Number Nine
Song title: The Easy Way

The paycheck came this morning
It was made out to my name
Bank sent its final warning
But to me it's all the same

Off into the water, where usually I'm nude
Having just a starter to get me in the mood
I'd open up the closest to get my favorite blues
Let the people gossip about my matching shoes

My John Deere's got me crusin'
I'm breakin' twenty five
I'm off to do some boozin'
Down at my local dive

I left the house at seven
Got to the bar at nine
I had to pick up Kevin
Which took me quite a while

Off to town, 'cos the weekend's been riding the
Merry go 'round and
We are pavin' the way on this summer day
And talkin a course and blowin'
All our pay the easy way!

We'd walk into the tavern
A band was playin' there
When asked what we were havin'
We said we didn't care

That's all that's to the fabel
And if you wanted more
I'm sorry I ain't able
That's all I've got in store
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