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Ophthalamia Lyrics

A Cry From The Halls Of Blood Empire Of Lost Dream A Lonely Ceremony The Eternal Walk A Lonely Soul Hymn To A Dream
After A Releasing Death Castle Of No Repair (part Black As Sin, Pale As Death Autumn Whispers Castle Of No Repair Lies From A Blackened Heart
Deathcrush Enter The Darkest Thoughts Of Chosen Agony's Silen I Summon Thee, Oh Father Death Embrace Me
Intro Under Ophthalamian Skies To The Benighted Journey In Darkness Entering The Forest Little Child Of Light Degradation Of Holyness
Nightfall Of Mother Earth Summer Distress Ophthalamia The Eternal Walk (part Iii) Outro Message To Those After Me Death Embrace Me (
Sacrifice Shores Of Kaa-ta-nu The Eternal Walk (part Ii) Slowly Passing The Frostlands A Winterland's Tear
This Is The Pain Called Sorrow To The Memory Of Me Via Dolorosa My Springnight's Sacrifice
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