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Rustic Overtones: Check Lyrics

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Artist: Rustic Overtones
Song title: Check

one, two, check
to the people in the back
check to the folks in the front
if you can't hear me good enough, turn it up.
one, two check
to the people at the left
check the mic for the folks at the right
count to 1,2,3,4,5
If it hurts then good
it's not the sound system, it's just him.
Feedback it feels good
kick the mids to ten
If you're looking for me here...I'll be plugging up my ears.
He's insane, when God gave out brains he thought he said aeroplanes
he didn't want to fly away.
So he stood right there, with his skin and his bones and his frame
just the same.
If you're looking for me here, i'll be plugging my ears...
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