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Rustic Overtones: Hardest Way Possible Lyrics

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Artist: Rustic Overtones
Song title: Hardest Way Possible

Another elephant grey sky and it's cold outside
I've been a phantomwith no place to hide
Is my fortune searching for the love inside?
Am I toutured, scorching, I'm burning alive
i am small
but light gets in through cracks in these walls
When i see you glow
I glow like no one else can know.
It's so hard
It's the hardest by far
Hardest way possible.
It won't be soon
I can promise you, but i promise you for good
you won't be trampled underfoot
It's the hardest way to give
It's the hardest way to take
It's the hardest way to live for christ sake
It's so hard , but God heal these scars
Take bleeding hearts out of bars
that drown the hours away
getting to the bottom of it fast
swimming damn near the bottom of the glass's so hard
it's the hardest by far
haerdest way possible.
you can't and you won't and you stop
every rung of the ladder is farther to drop
What is at stake?
What is not?
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