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Rustic Overtones: Pimp Lyrics

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Artist: Rustic Overtones
Song title: Pimp

(D.Gutter/ J.Ward)
Love me, so I feel no pain
hate me, so i feel whole again
Love me, so I believe your lies
hate me, so i burn your eyes
make me feel love to comfort you
make me feel love so that I can thrive
make me feel hate keep myself alive
i don't want no part of you
but i'll sell my heart to you
make me feel human again
cause I've seen men's dark inhibitions
for the price of dead presidents
so how can you say the power of your money is not a sin
Love me, make my whole world glow
hate me, make me feel dirty and low
Love me, so I never feel the same
hate me,make me feel despair and shame
make me feel love make this world worthwhile
make me feel the hate and taste the bile
make me feel love so I can always win
make me feel hate and hate you from within
Enter me, prefer me, but hurt me please
pay for me, support me, but distort me please
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