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Sepultura Lyrics

Against Altered State Ambush
Arise Attitude Beneath The Remains
Biotech Is Godzilla Born Stubborn Boycott
Breed Apart Choke Clenched Fist
Common Bonds Crucificados Pelo Systema Cut-throat
Dead Embryonic Cells Desperate Cry Dictatorshit
Drowned Out Drug Me Dusted
Endangered Species Escape To The Void Floaters In Mud
From The Past Comes The Storms Hatred Aside Hungry
Infected Voice Inhuman Nature Inner Self
Kaiowas Lobotomy Lookaway
Mass Hypnosis Meaningless Movements Mine
Murder Old Earth Orgasmatron
Policia Primitive Future Procreation (of The Wicked)
Propaganda R.i.p (rest In Pain) Refuse Resist
Reza Roots Bloody Roots Rumors
Sarcastic Existence Screams Behind The Shadows Septic Schizo
Slave New World Slaves Of Pain Spit
Straighthate Stronger Than Hate Subtraction
Symptom Of The Universe To The Wall Unconscious
Under Siege War
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