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Steve Earle: Angel Is The Devil Lyrics

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Angel Is The Devil lyrics
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Artist: Steve Earle
Song title: Angel Is The Devil

Everybody call her angel
she s no stranger to the devil I know
His mark is on her body
His fires burnin' in her soul
When we're makin' love
he's laughin' at us down below
she's the devil I know
she's the devil I know
she's the devil I know
Said she come from heaven
Angel is the devil I know
she's the devil I know
Now she's the kind a woman
keeep you comin' back for more
Got the kind of face
you swear you seen someplace before
Coulda` been your mamma
Coulda' been a Mexican whore
She's the devil I know
Now she'd drag you straight to hell
I can tell and I think I'll just go
Yeah the devil sent her here
to deliver me body and soul
Yeah and every inch she drags me down
I'm closer to the glow
She`s the devil I know
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