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Strangelove: Kite Lyrics

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Artist: Strangelove
Song title: Kite

You are a lonely child
Nobody prays for you
Sadly, faces will remind
That you're not real anymore
Shadow sleep softly
Dreams will fill your mind
You are a frightened child
Nobody knows of you
Sadly, people that you never understood
Bring you more heartache
Sleep softly
Dreams will fill your mind
When I was young and scared of the dark
I used to just lie there and shake
'Til I built a dream that made this okay
Its music would sing me asleep
To a special place
Wherefore I know not
But the voices were soft all around
Over their breeze
Me and my kite friend
Would laugh at the heavy ground
You are the only one
Nobody cares for truth
Sadly, faces will remind
That you're not real anymore
Shadow, sleep softly
Dreams will fill your mind
Dream softly
Sleep will fill your mind
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