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TLC: Switch Lyrics

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Artist: TLC
Song title: Switch

I ain't one to be questioned

About who and where I've been

I ain't one to be questioned

About what time I came in

Tryna squeeze, baby please

Hit the road and don't come back

'Cause I can't trust a relationship

Wit no trust and that's a fact



Don't take no mess from nobody


If they act up just leave 'em alone


Don't take no mess from nobody


When ya done wit 'em you can send 'em home

I won't answer to no one

Until I feel I'm ready to

I'm gonna have my fun

Doin' the things I like to do

See I need space get off my case

Stop breathin' down my back

Cause we ain't gotta relationship If that's how you have to act

Commitment true devotion

Right now is not the way

For you to come at me

When I need it

I'm sure you'll be the first to know

But for now, in my plnas, no demands

I'm gonna have to make a switch


Throw his behind in a ditch

While my definition states as it relates

To us mates, one eliminates

Solely contemplates n' de associates

Like my new drink was V-8's

Just as quick as I get in it

I'll drop 'em in a minute

Like the dollaz

In my pocket, Speedy Gonzalez

Couldn't stop the way I spin it

I'm known for breakin' every speed limit

This switch could be infinite

I said L to da E to da F to the T to da E to the Y

Because I'm so fly

Bring it back to the E so come and see me

At the hotel motel Holiday Inn

I said if you man starts actin' upu

Switch and take his friend

Erase replace embrace new face come on

Erase replace embrace new face


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