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Tanita Tikaram: Me In Mind Lyrics

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Artist: Tanita Tikaram
Song title: Me In Mind

Well, our dog beats in his own heart
Our dog was from the start
Not much use in the rain
Not much use in the sun
Put it outside and let the paint run
Put it outside and let the paint run

Well, our mean day was not heaven sent
Couldn't stay, couldn't raise the rent
Couldn't stay-a-little - let us be
Couldn't stay - so we set it free

I meet you
We waste some time
Supposing, I let you
You still be in mind, mind, mind, mind

Enter - kisses not able
Not able to turn some tricks
Not able to give me favours
Not even when I'm thick with it

And my heart wasn't a stranger
But it sure made no sense to me
Made no sense to any flavour that came
Sown in so cautiously

Hearts still
Yearn to
Make the sign
You send me in mind, mimd, mind, mind

Well, our old stairs are all the same
The same weather, the same wood stain
You can beep from the left
You can beep from the right
Put it outside and let them turn wide
Put it outside and let them turn wide

Well, no respect, no leniency
Was not ever so well spooked in me
Was not evil so it hangs OK
This is the world in which we play
This is the world in which we play

Sane, spent and all awake
Their eyes
Shame me -
With their mistakes
And mine, mine, mine, mine
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