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The Shins: They'll Soon Discover Lyrics

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Artist: The Shins
Song title: They'll Soon Discover

"They'll Soon Discover"

When you were young and wise
scratching your letters in the sand.
When your imagination led you all around by the hand.
La la la la

Did you ever wonder what crazy adventures there might be?
Unfolding in the currents under the waves at the bottom of the sea.

Well these odd buddies got a lot of vision, his bucked teeth and cock eyed smile

cant stop, they sing better bring nominations
So charge!

They said it's their design,
a wild goose chase for a crown
and move your eyes in line before they tear apart your town
if you want a winner save all of your kin in the ocean.

stay your ground, donít be discouraged,
don't let emí turn our brains into porridge.

your wrong but you got a lot of vision,
your buck teeth and star ward heart

cant stop, they sing better bring nominations
So charge!

But its a long, hard fight
the corner turns and its always another mile

keep working day and night.
They think they got your number,
but they'll soon discover!

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