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They Might Be Giants Lyrics

A Self Called Nowhere About Me Aka Driver
Ant Battle For The Planet Of The Apes Beneath The Planet Of The Apes
Birdhouse In Your Soul Birds Fly Cabbagetown
Cage And Aquarium Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes Constantinople
Counterfeit Fake Dead Dig My Grave
Dinner Bell Dirt Bike Doctor Worm
Escape From The Planet Of The Apes Exquisite Dead Guy Extra Savoir-faire
Fake Out In Buenos Aires Fingertips First Kiss
Hall Of Heads Hearing Aid Hope That I Get Old Before I Die
Hot Cha How Can I Sing Like A Girl Hypnotist Of Ladies
I Blame You I Can Hear You I Palindrome I
I Should Be Allowed To Think If I Wasn't Shy James K. Polk
Letterbox Lucky Ball And Chain Mammal
Meet James Ensor Metal Detector Minimum Wage
Moving To The Sun My Evil Twin No One Knows My Plan
Out Of Jail Particle Man Pet Name
Planet Of The Apes (hidden) Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head Road Movie To Berlin
Santa's Beard Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love See The Constellation
She's Actual Size Sleeping In The Flowers Snail Shell
Someone Keeps Moving My Chair Spider Spiraling Shape
Spy Stomp Box Stormy Pinkness
Subliminal Swing Is A Word The Bells Are Ringing
The Big Big Whoredom The Guitar The Statue Got Me High
The Sun Theme From Flood They Got Lost
They Might Be Giants This Ape's For You (hidden) Token Back To Brooklyn (hidden Track)
Turn Around Twisting Until My Head Falls Off
We Want A Rock Weep Day Welcome To The Jungle
Whirlpool (originally Recorded By The Meat Puppets Whistling In The Dark Why Must I Be Sad
Window Women And Men Xtc Vs. Adam Ant
Your Own Worst Enemy Your Racist Friend
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