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Twiztid Lyrics

1st Day Out '98 2nd Hand Smoke 2nd Hand Smoke (Remix)
4 Those Of You (Remix) 4 Thoze Of U 85 Bucks An Hour
??? Afraid Of Me Ain't A Damned Thing Changed
All I Ever Wanted Alone Anotha Smoke Break
Bad Dream Bagz Blam!!!
Blink Bobby's Dad Broken Wingz
Bury Me Alive Call Me CNT
Controversy Darkness Diemuthafuckadie!
Different Dirty Lil' Girl Do You Really Know
Do You Really Know? Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Bones Drunken Ninja Master
Empty Everybody Diez Fall Apart
Fat Kidz Feel This Frankenstein
Freek Show Intro 2 Fuck U Fuckkonthe1stdate
Fucmyself Get It Right Get Ready
Hom-Sha-Bom Homebound Hound Dogs
How Does It Feel How Does It Feel? Hydro
I Could I Don't Care I Remember
I Wanna Be... I'm Alright I'm The Only One
Intro Introduction Joker
Juggalo Party Karma Keep It Movin
Know Good Leave Me Alone Leff Field
Lil' Secret Liquid Friend Listen
Maniac Killa Marsh Lagoon Meat Cleaver
Mirror Murder, Murder, Murder Mutant X
Nikateen Off The Chain On The Other End
People Are Strange Put It Down (Blaze) Reflection
Renditions Of Reality Rock The Dead Serial Killa
She Ain't Afraid She Said (Remix) Shittalkaz
Shock & Awe Smoke Break So High
Somebody's Dissin' U Something Wierd Speculationz
Spin The Bottle Static Story Of Our Lives
The Argument The Green Book The World Is Hell
Through Your Eyez Trash Witro (Remix) Twiztid (Intro)
U Don't Wanna B Like Me Unrational We Don't Die
We Don't Die (Non Rock) Whatthefuck!! Whatthefuck!! (Extra Crispy Mix)
Whatthefuck!?!? Whatthefuck!?!? (Extra Crispy Mix) Whatz That!!
Whatz That!?! Where Itz Goin' Down White Trash Wit Tat-2's
Why The Children? Wondering Why Wondering Why?
Wont Die World Wrong Wit Me (Remix)
Wut Tha Dead Like Your The Reazon
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