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Undercroft Lyrics

Beheading False Prophets Behind The Cassock Belfry Of Sorrow
Blackening The Sun Bleed To Death Bonebreaker
Bridges To Melissa Carros De Fuego Celebration Of Sin
Danza Macabra Dark Water's Captive Dementia
Demons Awake Empire Of Orgies Evil Being
Evilusion Fake Messiah I Condemn
I Demand Revenge I'm Prepared To Die In Join With The Devil
Insane Outcry Lapidation Law Of Sacrifice
Lords Of Terror Maniakiller Mercy
Open Your Eyes To The Pain Oppressor Perverse Praise
Psychopath Road To Desolation Rumanian Impaler
Sabatical Potion Scream Of Immortality Sodom & Gomorra
Son Of Darkness Spectral Town Sub Race
Temples Of Carrion The Cartomancer The Failure Of The Creation
They Kill For Me Through The Night's Veil To The Final Battle
Under The Broken Sign Wake Up From Your Dreams Whispers From Other Sky
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