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Unleashed: Before The Creation Of Time Lyrics

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Artist: Unleashed
Song title: Before The Creation Of Time

Before the creation of time
When nothingness was all
And a fiery star's implosion
Caused the universe to fall
Worlds in utter chaos and plague
Were doomed to die at last
Vanished in the blackest void
A recreation of the past
Before the creation of time
When emptyness was all
Utter darkness enlights the way
To the surrounding walls
Journey through what mustn't be seen
To where no life dwells
Wisdom of the first creation
No one shall live to tell
Before the creation of time
When nothingness was all
And a blazing star's implosion
Caused the universe to fall
Memories of a frozen time beyond
There's nothing left to show
A new creation soon to be unleashed
In the shadowed depths below
Goodbye mother earth...
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