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Van Halen: Dirty Water Dog Lyrics

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Artist: Van Halen
Song title: Dirty Water Dog

No candidate would I support
Jos plaform could I endorse
Antoher accomplice slinging dirt
Campaign promises falling short
I don't belong to any race
Pledge allegiance to a place
No borderline in the sand I'd trace
I'm just a sucker for a pretty face
Uncomfortable in the realm of the political
Position's always been a little left of cynical
I'm fundamentally for the individual
Preoccupied purely with the physical
When heavy is the wight of the world
And the river runs a little too deep
Like a hound dog chasing a bird
Sometimes a certain tom gotta peep
I'm a peek-a-boy, looking at girls
And I think I like, I think I like I like what I see
I don't wanna find religion
Or another man's opinion
Can't choose what's not my decision
When there's only one under the sun
There's no need to be denied
Chew before swallowing pride
I want to live so let me die
Oh my the way, what's your sign
Can't comprehend meaning
Of the metaphysical
I'd rather leave that to your so-called intellectual
But what I do know I know feels only natural
I'm just a hound-toothed heterosexual
When heavy is the weight of the world
And the river runs a little too deep
Like a dirty water doggin' a bird
Sometimes a certain tom he gotta peep
I'm a peek-a-boy, booing at girls
And I think I like, I think I like, I like what I see
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