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Voodoocult: Metallized Kids Lyrics

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Artist: Voodoocult
Song title: Metallized Kids

Ice-camp 2000
Ĺ-civilized madcops
Teach the world to sink
Smash their pc-neck-extension
With robot-virus-anastasia
And rollercoaster militia
Against our hearts and clearclean souls
Humachinery rules
While we drown our hate
In pools of lethargic foolish water
Hey! Kids you metallized brainers
Letís hang our anger-flag high!
Defend ourselves against
A nouveau-bunker-mythology!
We serve the robots of a devil
Who build desastrous working ghettos
With machines from hell
Get down and up and fight
The only way is back - now fly!
Every decision is a cut of a right
Time to win a non-beloved fight
Hey! Hang it high!

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