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Weird Al Yankovic: I'm So Sick Of You Lyrics

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Artist: Weird Al Yankovic
Song title: I'm So Sick Of You

Why you always wastin' my time?

Hey baby, trust me, you just disgust me

You hair's a mess and your make-up's crusty

I don't know too many females

Who make a habit of biting their toenails

Wo, every time you call, you drive me up the wall

Honey, just the sight of you makes my flesh crawl

I'm sure we'd be happy together

If onle one thing weren't true

Oh baby, I yi yi yi yi

I'm so sick of you

You drink the milk right from the carton

What are you, in kindergarten?

You're belchin' everywhere, foulin' up the air

Then you use my razor to shave your back hair

You don't have an ounce of class

You're just one big pain in the neck

How much more can I take now, give me a break now

You even snore when you're wide awake now

You tell all your friends we're the perfect couple

Well, maybe you should get a clue

'Cause baby, I yi yi yi yi

I'm so sick of you

Baby, you're so nauseatin'

I yi yi yi yi

I'm so sick of you

And when you softly call my name

It's like listenin' to that squeaky chalk sound

And when you look at me that special way

It's hard for me to keep my lunch down

And when you askin' me what I'm thinkin', honey, usually I'm thinkin'

How I'd really like to tie your head completely up in duct tape

So I wouldn't have to listen to you asking me those stupid questions

Over and over again

Well, that disgusting noise you make when you laugh

Gives me a throbbing migraine

(Can't stand you, I just can't stand you)

Until you cam along I nbever dated anyone

This low on the food chain

(Can't stand you, I just can't stand you)

You've got inhuman body odor

You've got the hair of a boxing promoter

Yeah, your teeth are all yellow, your butt's made of Jell-O

You woke up in a puddle, droolin' on your pillow

I hate the way you crack your knuckles

I hate your whiny loser girlfriends too

But mostly I yi yi yi yi

I'm so sick of you

Really now, you're aggrivatin'

I yi yi yi yi

I'm so sick of you

Not to mention irritatin'

I yi yi yi yi

I'm so sick of you

Well, now won't you give my best regards to Satan

I yi yi yi yi

I'm so sick of you

I'm so sick of you

I'm so sick of you

I'm so sick of you

You make me sick

(Can't stand you, I just can't stand you) I'm so sick of you, now

(Can't stand you, I just can't stand you) I'm so sick of you, now

(Can't stand you, I just can't stand you) I'm so sick of you

(Can't stand you, I just can't stand you) I'm so sick of you, now

(Can't stand you, I just can't stand you) I'm so sick of you, now

(Can't stand you, I just can't stand you) I'm so sick of you, now

(Can't stand you, I just can't stand you) I'm so sick of you, now

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